Take time to consider preferences for the first few days of married bliss as you will want to remember the occasion for the rest of your life.


Planning the Honeymoon

Discuss the budget, duration of the honeymoon, where to go and what to do with the partner when the wedding is being planned. Go online and read up on best honeymoon destinations and if going overseas get the assistance of travel agents the likes of Aitken Spence Holidays to help plan the trip.

Best time to visit

Consider the best time to visit when selecting the dream destination. Avoid local holidays as many hotels and attractions will be crowded. If the price is a concern, travel during the least expensive times such as in the middle of the year.

Things to do

Honeymoons can be fun as there are many things to do from scuba diving, snorkelling, to golf, excursions to places of interest, indulgent spa treatments to river safaris and jungle walks, elephant treks, whale and dolphin watching and wildlife safaris.


One of the most romantic experiences honeymooners can have out here is dining under the stars. Many hotels offer special three-course meals on the beach with succulent seafood as part of the honeymoon package. The other option is a romantic early morning river cruise with a champagne breakfast.

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