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Berjaya Praslin Resort - Resort Aerial Beach Against Sky
Berjaya Praslin Resort - Resort Aerial Beach Against Sky
Berjaya Praslin Resort – Resort Aerial Beach Against Sky

As one of the world’s top honeymoon destinations Praslin Island offers newlyweds a pristine piece of paradise all to themselves. Littered with Seychelles honeymoon resorts and hotels including the likes of Berjaya Praslin Resort and countless others, honeymooners are spoiled for choice when it comes to holiday packages in Praslin. Less than 29 miles from Mahé the island is the second biggest island in the country in both scale and populace. Lined with verdant valleys and forests of palm the island is a tranquil alternative to the more tourist congested Mahé.

Renowned for its white, sandy beaches and stunning coastlines couples can expect to find a beach holiday destination ideal for their first vacation as a married couple. The island’s most popular beaches include Anse Lazio which is frequently dubbed ‘The best beach in the world’ by many a travel publication and poll. Ideal for swimming activities, the granite boulder laden beach is also home to two scenic coves and serves as one of the best snorkelling destinations in the Seychelles. The beach is especially breathtaking at first light. The beach, however, is not all there is to marvel at when in Praslin as the iconic Vallée de Mai, the globe’s most extensive coco de mer forest and World Heritage Site, is also found here. The forest is perhaps best known as the leafy home of all six endemic species of palm trees in the Seychelles.

As an island which attracts many an artist, culturally inclined couples can also explore the many art spaces and galleries occupying the island including Galerie Passerose. The Cap Samy Art Gallery commands a captivating location 300m above sea level on a hillside location. Honeymooners can also venture inland to visit the biggest human settlement in Praslin named Grand Anse where local restaurants and other recreational facilities are found. The country’s national bird, the black parrot is also frequently spotted here, especially close to the Church of St. Matthew and its vicinity.

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beautiful bride on beach with long white wedding dress at sunset in Caloundra, Queensland, Australia
Picture Credit – Oaks Oasis Resort

Picture yourself walking along the soft sandy beach with your partner beside you, the warm sun shining down on you, while the waves touch your feet and the sea breeze gently touching your face; wouldn’t this be like a dream come true? This is what most couples get to experience after their magical weddings that take place in Caloundra, one of the most beautiful areas on the Sunshine Coast. Located in the third largest populated city in Australia which is Queensland, the Sunshine Coast is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Caloundra, Noosa Heads, Kawana Waters and Maroochydore are some of the areas that are coastal hubs and are known for the wedding venues in Sunshine Coast.

Those who dream of a beautiful beach wedding often end up in Caloundra because the area boasts a picturesque setting for weddings. Outdoor weddings take place in this area throughout the year because of the subtropical climate. Most of the hotels located in Caloundra such as Oaks Oasis offer wedding hosting services to their guests. Hiring a wedding planner from the area itself will make the process much more convenient. The soft white sand acts as a soft carpet down the aisle, where the beautiful ocean can be used as the backdrop while you exchange your vows and say I Do.

Beach weddings are the most popular functions but for those who prefer an indoor wedding can use the magnificent Caloundra Golf Club. At the golf club, there is a special outdoor location for the ceremony and an air-conditioned interior space for the function. The pictures that you will be able to capture in this area will be truly magical. If you need more excitement and uniqueness to your wedding another amazing location you would find in Caloundra is the Aussie World theme park.

Intrigued by history, art and food, Lavinia Woolf is a writer who is passionate about the extraordinary and writes of the exhilarating and enchanting.


Lover’s Leap is as romantic as the classic tale of Romeo and Juliet. Located in Trincomalee, Lover’s Leap can be found in the vicinity of the Koneswaram Temple. Many Trincomalee hotel providers list out Lovers Leap as a famous tourist attraction, and some hotels such as Trinco Blu by Cinnamon, even add it as part of a tour of the city! If you’re staying in the vicinity, do make it a point to visit the Koneswaram Temple and Lovers Leap.

Legend has it that Francina van Reed fell in love with a young Dutch officer and was believed to have been engaged until the time his period in the Foreign Service came to an end. Following the termination of the engagement, the young officer was set to depart to his home country from the harbour. Upon watching her beloved’ ship depart, young Francina threw herself off the cliff and died a tragic death. To commemorate her untimely and devastating death, her father, an officer of high ranks constructed a stone pillar inscribing the date April 24th 1687.

It has been known that lovers who couldn’t be together due to family restrains or other issues, have flung themselves off the rock, in the hope of being reunited together in the afterlife. However, despite the tragic stories that have come to surround Lover’s Leap, the view from the summit will simply take your breath away – without having to fling yourself off the rock.

Lovers Leap can only be accessed through the Koneswaram Temple so do bear in mind that as footwear is not permitted inside the premises of the Temple; the ideal time to visit would be in the early hours of the morning or at dusk. Also remember to dress appropriately or entry to the temple premises will not be permitted.

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paris luxury travel destionation
paris luxury travel destionation
Eiffel Tower , Photo via Pexels , CC0 License

The capital of France has consistently been recognised as one of the most romantic destinations in the world.

It is truly one of the most iconic cities in existence and its most famed monument, the Eiffel Tower, is instantly recognisable by almost anyone in the civilised world. Given the nature of the city, it is a guaranteed feature in any luxury travel guide with examples such as The Luxury Travel Channel.

Since there’s a lot to see within the city, it’s best to start off your adventure with a good breakfast.

There are many great cafes and restaurants to choose from within Paris, such as Le Bal Cafe which is situated within a building that used to be a 1920s dance hall.

Once you’ve indulged in some Parisian cuisine, take a walk along Pont Neuf. It’s the city’s iconic standing bridge and the oldest of its kind within Paris, having been built in the 17th century.

You could further explore the historic architecture of Paris by visiting the legendary Notre Dame cathedral, situated in St.Michel’s district.

notre dame de paris, paris attractions
Notre Dame De Paris, Photo by  waldomiguez via Pixabay , CC0 Public Domain

In order to delve into the city’s most luxurious side, head towards Champs-Elysees, which many would claim is one of the most beautiful boulevards on the planet.

This is the epicentre of French high-fashion, also known as haute couture. If you wish to engage in some retail therapy, this is the place.

You could also visit another monument since the Arc de Triomphe is just around the corner.

You could continue your shopping spree Rue de Rivoli, a street that is famous throughout the world for featuring outlets by some of the renowned brands in the world.

Rue de Rivoli, paris attractions
By Jean-Pierre Dalbéra from Paris, France [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Once you’ve had your fill of shopping, you could conclude your Paris adventure at the legendary Musee de Louvre, home of many historical relics such as the Mona Lisa.

If you’re seeking an adventure to cherish for a lifetime, be sure to take a trip to Paris.

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A symbol of tradition in the bustling city

Hong Kong offers many an anecdote to the traveller – be it shopping, food or interesting traditions. An interesting landmark that you might come across is Lovers’ Rock. Located in the heart of the city, visitors on the Bowen’s Road fitness trail – which lies across many a popular Wan Chai hotel – would come across this monument on their daily run; a phallic rock that is revered by the locals.

Within easy reach from Dorsett Wanchai, Hong Kong hides this testimony to modern day belief in ancient customs. Locally known as Yan Yuek Sen, this is frequented by women and young brides with relationship and fertility problems. Draped with prayer papers and worshipped by the young, the women pray for eligible husbands and male heirs at the Lovers’ rock. The busiest time for this is during Maiden’s Festival in mid-August. Women gather here in numbers, some to pray for a boon, some to offer gratitude for providing them with a boon and others to appreciate and acknowledge the strength of the roots of superstition that are present in the modern day Hong Kong.

Standing at a height of 9m, the area of Lovers Rock affords a beautiful view of the Victoria harbour. Among the people flocking here with offerings of oranges, suckling pig and chicken, some others are found with a camera, striving capture a perfect shot. Around the base of the structure are soothsayers, who consult their “Book of Fortune” to determine if the partner chosen by/for a young maiden is a suitable match or not. Of course, this comes at a price, for the soothsayers charge for every transaction that takes place.

One might not expect to find such a structure and such a following for an age-old custom or a superstitious tradition in the modern Hong Kong. And yet, all these doubts are put to rest by one visit to Lovers Rock, for it is still venerated throughout generations and is likely to be in generations to come.

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Being declared once as the world’s fashion capital, London is a multicultural city where culture meets fashion. The locals are dressed with an array of colours, designs and styles making it the largest and most diverse city in the United Kingdom. Tourists looking for hotels near Hyde Park London would find that Berjaya Eden Park London Hotel is a quaint building with a Victorian setting adding to the glamour and history of this city.

Much of the locals and tourists’ fashion styles are dependent on the climate for the day. As most days are usually gloomy, wet and cool; spring, summers and winters have a mind of its own as visitors might see more rain in spring than in winter. Always carry an umbrella, unless dancing in the rain on the streets of London is on the bucket list. Wellingtons or rubber boots, trench coats or jackets are a popular clothing item in London as the chances of using these accessories are quite high. Keep in mind that most people, although they dress with an air of glam and the latest trends; comfort is the key. Women typically boldly accessorise themselves with statement jewellery and eye-catching purses. From sneakers to stilettos, leisure apparel to designer wear, women’s fashion styles adds colour and life to the streets of London! Men’s fashion styles are no different, as the latest trends, comfort wear, various colours, styles and prints are popular amongst men’s clothes and accessories.

For an evening function or a cultural event, men and women don their best attire for special occasions. Shorts and flip flops should be avoided for a special evening function. Being smartly dressed, either in a dress and heels for women or pants and a button down shirt for men is usual on a night out in London. Also keep in mind that most clubs don’t permit jeans and sneakers.

If shopping has been allocated for a whole day in the itinerary, pack a minimum amount of clothes and get to the busy fashion packed streets of London to sport the latest trends and outfits.

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Walking into the city, you can still see the colonial remains there. Galle is a city that was occupied first by the Dutch, then the Portuguese and finally by the British. The 36-hectare Fort is the best example of Dutch influence as far back as 1663. Starting from Fort, you can walk among other old walls and streets. All these colonial remains have earned Galle the prestigious status of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you are looking for tropical white sand beaches fused with fine art and streets marked with colonial history, you do not have to go anywhere else. It fulfils almost everything you will look for in a romantic destination. If you are looking for an ideal hotel, Galle has plenty of them which maintain good standards. A majority of the colonial buildings has now been converted into swanky restaurants and hotels. Closenberg Hotel is one such hotel among several others.

Galle is undoubtedly an essential place to visit when you are in the southern hemisphere of Sri Lanka. As for tourist attractions, the area is teeming with whatever you name from architecture down to nature. As you walk in the city, you will see how it stands a cut above the rest. That is much owing to the heavy colonial occupation. Thanks to that colonial inspiration, the city has a classic outlook. And the best thing about this area is that you can reach here within a few hours. If you are in Colombo, get to the expressway that leads to Matara. From Colombo, the Galle-bound expressway journey takes only an hour. This expressway journey is possible even if you use public transport.

To this day, you can see a large number of foreigners – outnumbering the locals at times, probably. For most foreigners, Galle has become their home. In fact, one-third of the houses is said to be occupied by foreigners. Today, you will see art flourishing in the city with the participation of both foreigners and locals alike. Whether it is creative writing, photography or designing, you can see kind of a revival here. The renowned Galle Literary Festival had been held here for a number of years.

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The land down under is no stranger to travellers around the world. All year around Australia welcomes countless tourists from around the world. Among the famous cities in Australia Brisbane is a popular destination for holidaymakers. One of the highlights of the city is the Scarborough Marina. During your trip to Brisbane, this is one of the places not to be missed. A majority of tourists stay in Redcliffe which is the main town close to Scarborough and visit the Marina. You can find many a Redcliffe hotel spread throughout this area that makes travelling to and fro easy. Consider a stay at Oaks Mon Komo that’s not only minutes away from the Scarborough Marina but also within easy distance to Moreton Bay.

The Scarborough Marina is a friendly modern Marina welcoming guests all year around. The Marina is located on the Scarborough Harbour. The Marina provides an ideal setting for an unforgettable boating experience. The fully equipped boatyard in the Marina is capable of handling a wide range of boating services. The 235 berth Marina gives easy access to Morton Bay waters. One of the key features of the Marina is that it provides competitive rates on berth rentals, hardstand as well as long-term storage facilities. The boat yard includes some of the state-of-the-art facilities such as a 35-tonne marine travel lift as well as various other forklift facilities. There are cradle facilities available for yachts in the long term. With all these facilities and its easy access to some of the most picturesque waters of Queensland, the marina is your gateway to the world apart.

Excellent place to start off your family voyage. Bring your own boat or look out for rentals around the area. The boating experience at Scarborough could be truly magical and memorable for you and your family.

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In the western part of Hong Kong’s Kowloon Peninsula lies the bustling Mongkok city. Renown for being one of the busiest cities in the world, the Kowloon city Flower Market offers a relaxing haven for those trying to escape the routine of daily life. Situated on Prince Edward West Road, the Kowloon Flower Market is a colourful oasis of flowers and is a favourite haunt among the locals. A short distance from Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong, the Flower Market has fed the city’s love for gardening for many years.

Open throughout the week from 7 a.m until late evening, Kowloon Flower Market has over 50 stalls that sell the best of the season’s locally grown and imported plants. Here, graceful orchids, colourful bouganvillias and bright sunflowers sit beside artistic bonsai trees that are ready to be taken home by the city’s enthusiastic gardeners. One of the most enjoyable ways to spend an afternoon in the city, the Kowloon Flower Market is the ideal venue to make all your gardening purchases with many shops selling seeds, fertiliser and flower pots to decorate your garden alongside other garden equipment. It is also the best place to buy a beautiful flower bouquet to surprise a loved one and collect items needed to recreate your dream garden that will rival the beautiful gardens seen in many a Hotel in Kowloon.

Kowloon’s Flower Market enthusiastically joins the season’s festivities with the Chinese New Year welcoming shoppers to purchase ‘Lucky Bamboo’ arrangements and other auspicious plants while the Christmas season sees the Market sell Christmas decorations alongside seasonal Christmas trees, hyacinth buds, poinsettia and ivy. Visitors can spend hours walking past the numerous flower shops and relax with a cup of organic tea at ‘Hay Fever’ while admiring the shop’s own assortment of flowers and plants. While in Kowloon’s Flower Market, visit the famous Yuen Po Bird Garden situated at the end of Flower Market Road where you can gaze at beautiful birds found in the Market’s 70 stalls and listen to their sweet chattering.

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Seychelles is an island nation in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa with the most extraordinary beaches in the world. Mahe is the largest of the Seychelles islands and is home to the capital, Victoria, and the international airport, the commercial ports, fishing boats, and the largest percentage of population. Mahe has most of the hotels including two casinos. Its white, powdery beaches, verdant vegetation, coconut palms and cinnamon trees, and lofty forested peaks. There are lots of spectacular coral reefs and clear, calm waters that invite relaxation and many water sports. Even though it is the nation’s economic hub Mahe has retained all of its natural beauty and charm. There are many place to stay over, while vacationing in the perfect, Seychelles Holiday Destination, andMackinnons Travels, Sri Lanka is the best travel Agent for giving a perfect holiday experience. Mackinnons Travel is one of the most leading travel agents in the industry in Sri Lanka, guaranteed to provide a unique and a customized experience and quality services to their clients. From Hotel tickets, transfers and to travel insurance, MacKinnon provides a comprehensive service.

The islands of the Seychelles are quite simply the most romantic location imaginable, the perfect spot for a romantic Seychelles honeymoon or wedding anniversary. Seychelles features hotels and resorts to suit all budgets and amazing honeymoon offers. The Seychelles is great for the more active; the secluded tropical islands offer idyllic hideaways; while the hidden coves of Praslin and La Digue are perfect for romantics seeking peace and a little more privacy. Most of the hotels on the main islands as well as on the less travelled islands cater to supplying the perfect honeymoon. There is good reason why Seychelles is selected more often than any other honeymoon. Seychelles is the right honeymoon destination at any time of the year. Throughout the year, the tropical climate and fresh ocean breezes give the beaches and inland forests the right temperature. It is easy to reach the International Airport on the island of Mahe. The national airline of Seychelles will take visitors to other islands. There are also helicopters, ferry boats and catamarans for inter-island transportation.

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