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Lover’s Leap is as romantic as the classic tale of Romeo and Juliet. Located in Trincomalee, Lover’s Leap can be found in the vicinity of the Koneswaram Temple. Many Trincomalee hotel providers list out Lovers Leap as a famous tourist attraction, and some hotels such as Trinco Blu by Cinnamon, even add it as part of a tour of the city! If you’re staying in the vicinity, do make it a point to visit the Koneswaram Temple and Lovers Leap.

Legend has it that Francina van Reed fell in love with a young Dutch officer and was believed to have been engaged until the time his period in the Foreign Service came to an end. Following the termination of the engagement, the young officer was set to depart to his home country from the harbour. Upon watching her beloved’ ship depart, young Francina threw herself off the cliff and died a tragic death. To commemorate her untimely and devastating death, her father, an officer of high ranks constructed a stone pillar inscribing the date April 24th 1687.

It has been known that lovers who couldn’t be together due to family restrains or other issues, have flung themselves off the rock, in the hope of being reunited together in the afterlife. However, despite the tragic stories that have come to surround Lover’s Leap, the view from the summit will simply take your breath away – without having to fling yourself off the rock.

Lovers Leap can only be accessed through the Koneswaram Temple so do bear in mind that as footwear is not permitted inside the premises of the Temple; the ideal time to visit would be in the early hours of the morning or at dusk. Also remember to dress appropriately or entry to the temple premises will not be permitted.

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Romantic Activities in Maldives, Image Credit: Anantara Veli Maldives Resort

The very air of the Maldives is infused with merry sunshine, salty breeze and freedom, a wonderful romantic mix that is ideal for a couple looking for a romantic getaway. Before you start your romantic adventure in the Maldives, do a bit of research and plan well to avoid any kind of disappointments. Pick a Maldives resort hotel that offers activities for a couple while giving them space and the privacy they require.

Romantic activities for two are in plentiful in the Maldives. The two of you can bond over a couple’s spa day. Enjoy a fragrant bath of essential oils and flower petals and settle down to let a professional therapist work out the tension in your body while the two of you listen to soothing music and the sound of the waves in the ocean. Most resorts such as Anantara Veli Maldives Resort offer spa facilities to guests. Go for a scuba dive together and explore the vibrant reefs for sea creatures. An occasional turtle might pass you by. Book a passage in a luxury sea cruise and enjoy each other’s company while you traverse the seas in luxurious style.

During pauses, you can snorkel or scuba dive under the watchful eye of an instructor. A typical sea cruise serves sumptuous and intimate meals on the deck at night. Savour the goodness of your favourite seafood dish with your loved one under the twinkling stars while the night’s sky infuses a romantic aura around you. Instead of spending your whole vacation on one island, opt to “hop” islands with your partner on a sea plane to explore all that Maldives has to offer in terms of locations and hues of the sea.

To end your romantic getaway in style, book a ride on a submarine. These 45-minute rides will take you deep under to see everything from sharks to shipwrecks.

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The calm and clear waters that surround the Maldives offer the perfect setting for some fun in the sun and surf. Maldives water sports provide plenty of thrills and spills that can be enjoyed by the entire family. One such activity is snorkelling which can be enjoyed by young and old alike and which gives you the chance to see some of the country’s stunning marine and coral life. Those wanting more adrenaline pumping action can try their hand at surfing, kite-surfing, jet skiing or wakeboarding. Not to be missed is parasailing which lets you soar above the ocean while being dragged by a high-speed boat. Those in search of a Maldives luxury hotel in which to spend their holiday can stay at Cocoa Island Maldives. This luxurious Maldives resort offers a picturesque coastal sanctuary in which to get away from it all.

While Sri Lanka may be known for its pristine beaches, this island paradise also has a number of other stunning natural attractions including waterfalls. Many of the country’s well known falls can be found in and around the hill country or what is referred to locally as the “up country”. Made up of not one, but two cascading water sources, St Clair’s Falls, is a picturesque site definitely worth visiting when in the area. The 329 foot Ramboda Ella, the 281 foot Devon Falls, Lakshapana Falls at Maskeliya Oya and Baker’s Falls at the Horton Plains National Park are among the other scenic spots one can head to when exploring the up country.
Those looking to visit some of the region’s many sights can stay at Nuwara Eliya hotels such as Heritance Tea Factory. It is part of Heritance Hotels & Resorts which offer luxurious Sri Lanka hotels that let you enjoy an authentic island experience.


Some observe from land, others survey from the waters, while the more daring watch from up and above. Enjoy the hawk eye view from joy riding on a hot air balloon where every seat has a jaw dropping view of the picturesque scenery unfolding beneath you.
Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean offers panoramic views of beautiful green landscapes, exotic beaches that cocoon this tear drop island and many a cultural and heritage sites that never fail to amaze the onlooker. So how does one get about to getting the ultimate sightseeing experience of this paradise island? The answer comes in the exhilarating prospect of hot air ballooning. When conventional sightseeing gets boring, here is the absolute thrilling means of enjoying the natural beauty of this Island.
Enjoy the dramatic views of winding rivers, cascading waterfalls, cultural site, beautiful mountains and local urban homestead that define this island unfold beneath you as you soar above them. The unique aspect of hot air ballooning is that no two rides are the same for always the flight routes are varied and the course of direction is never the same. Typically, flights take off into the rising sun at dawn break offering spectacular sights of the awakening islanders. Generally a flight will take you over the island for a good four hours and its is perfectly safe given the fact that there is always a jeep below the flight path with continuous communication with the pilot to make sure your slight in a smooth flow.
Hot air ballooning is heavily dependent on the weather and climate conditions and while no particular day is the perfect day to soar the best season for hot air ballooning ideally would be any day between October and April. With the lack of rain and light winds to carry you creates the perfect condition to best enjoy the panorama beneath you.   If you are a foreign traveller or a local travelling the distance enjoy the accommodation at one of the hotels Sri Lanka that are in close vicinity to hot air ballooning institutes. Aitken Spence Hotels are an exemplary choice offering some of the best hotels Sri Lanka. Within these beautiful accommodations you will find the finest of Sri Lankan hospitality.


Visitors to the idyllic Maldives should avail themselves of the opportunity to take a sunset cruise. You may embark on a traditional Maldivian vessel, a dhoni, which will take you into the mesmeric Indian Ocean waters during the sunset hours. Watching the sun set from the middle of the ocean will truly be the opportunity of a lifetime. Often visitors will be able to see the endearing antics of dolphins in the ocean waters.

Selective visitors choosing amongst Maldives island resorts will find an outstanding choice in the Naladhu Maldives. This quality Maldives hotel provides excellent accommodations with impeccable service.


Visitors will enjoy taking an appealing river cruise in Kanchanaburi Province, located to the west of Bangkok. A luxurious vessel with teakwood cabins will enable you to visit local attractions such as historic sites, temples, waterfalls, remnants of Khmer buildings, hot springs, war cemeteries, the bridge located on the River Kwai and other fascinating locations.
Bangkok cruises are an excellent way to explore the Thai capital, and an excellent choice would be the excursions offered by Anantara Cruises Thailand. A Bangkok cruise tour will provide visitors with many of the city’s attractive sights.

Sri Lanka, located just south of the Indian Peninsula, is blessed with some of the most beautiful gold sandy beaches in the world. One of the most beautiful and undisturbed beaches in Sri Lanka is the Rekawa Beach, located just 10km from the Tangalla Bay. This golden sandy beach is an extremely beautiful and relaxing beach, with warm blue waves breaking on the beach every now and then. It is also one of the largest Turtle Nesting Areas in Sri Lanka, and is thus pivotal to the eco-system of Sri Lanka.

One of the most amazing and once in a life time experiences that the Rekawa Beach offers is Night Turtle Watching. Since this beach is an important Turtle Nesting Area, hundreds of sea turtles make their way to the shore to lay their eggs and give life to the next generation of sea turtles. The Rekawa Beach is highly populated by majestic sea turtles that can grow up 4 feet in length and can weigh up to 600kg.

The best time to witness this amazing experience is during the months of January, February, March and April under the light of the full moon. One usually has to wait for a few hours without making a sound as the turtles are most agitated when they are about lay their eggs. It is indeed an amazing sight to see the large sea turtles quietly and laboriously make their way on to the beach, and dig not one, but two holes to lay her eggs. One of these holes is a decoy hole which the sea turtle digs to keep her eggs safe from predators, and lays her eggs in the other hole before making her way back to the sea. It is truly unbelievable to see the effort and care the sea turtle takes to ensure her eggs are safe, which displays the beauty of nature. There are guides available along the beaches, who will take you through this amazing process. So to witness this amazing feat of nature, head over to the beaches of Rekawa.

One of the best hotels to stay in while you enjoy the beauty of the South of Sri Lanka is the Jetwing Tangalla Bay, a premier Sri Lanka beach resort. Offering serene accommodation in 34 superior and deluxe rooms, the Jetwing Tangalla Beach is one of the best hotels to absorb the beauty of the beach. With two exquisite restaurants, Jacuzzi facilities, relaxing bars and sprawling lawns & grounds, the Jetwing Tangalla Bay is among the finest Sri Lanka hotels.

The idyllic Maldive Islands have been acclaimed as one of the world’s premier surfing destinations, providing excellent conditions for the sport. However it is appropriate to keep in mind some valuable tips. Currents and tides perform an important function in determining suitable surfing conditions in the islands. Surfing breaks occur in proximity to the atoll channels and most swells are from two to four feet high. It is important to wear booties as the dead corals near the shore tend to be very sharp. Discerning visitors who seek a superior villa in Maldives will be pleased by the attractive Anantara Kihavah. Counted amongst the outstanding Maldives resorts this fine rest offers excellent accommodations and impeccable service.
Located along the seaside, Negombo is an idyllic town on Sri Lanka’s West coast that offers travellers a laidback holiday getaway. Known for its picturesque natural scenery, the area provides nature lovers plenty of opportunities to experience the rich biodiversity of the Island. Among the many possible outdoor pursuits in the region, bird watching in Negombo is a popular activity and one that offers plenty of opportunities to take a look at a wide range of avifauna in their natural habitat.

One of the best spots for bird watching is at the Muthurajawela Marsh which is the island’s largest peat bog and where one can see migratory species as well. With its origins believed to date back to around 5000 B.C, this ecologically diverse marsh and wetlands which includes the Negombo lagoon covers an area of approximately 6,000 hectares.

Home to a variety of reptiles, insects and fish, the Muthurajawela Marsh has recorded around 102 bird species which include 19 migratory ones. Due to its diverse wetland eco system, the marsh attracts various types of birds including those who depend on the aquatic life as a food source. Egrets, little and Indian cormorants, kingfishers and purple herons, black-crowned night herons, black bitterns, chestnut bitterns, little grebe and the white-breasted water hen are some of the species one can come across while exploring the wetlands.

The country also attracts a considerable number of migratory birds, some of which can be seen here. Among these are the whiskered tern, Eurasian curlew, curlew sandpiper and the Whimbrel which are classified as ‘waders’, while migrant forest birds include the brown shrike, grey wagtail, Asian paradise flycatcher and the greenish warbler. Resident forest birds like the little minivet, white-bellied drongo, rose-ringed parakeet and Sri Lanka green pigeon can be also spotted along with such birds of prey as the Brahminy kite, palled harrier and shikra.

Those planning to indulge in some bird watching when on holiday will find many Hotels in Sri Lanka within easy reach of Negombo. Offering some of the best rates among the many Negombo Hotels, Jetwing Beach is ideally located along the coast and makes a great base from which to explore the region.