There’s already something romantic about taking your loved one to an exotic destination but a place like Myanmar offers things to do on top of that that make it the irresistible choice. A true getaway and one you that you will never forget. Keep reading for a guide on romantic adventures in Myanmar.

1). The Ancient City of Bagan

There’s something mysterious about visiting an ancient city and especially Bagan, the place once home to over 10,000 temples, sadly of which many have been destroyed but over 2000 still stand strong today!

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Corto Maltese 1999Bagan, BurmaCC BY 2.0

2). Hot Air Balloon Ride

This will be a memorable experience that will mesmerise you and your partner! Float over the thousands of temples in Bagan or take in the views over Lake Inle for unbeaten views of the mountain range. If you’re looking for a 5-star hotel in Yangon to stay in while you embark on your adventure, there are several choices to opt for like the Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon for example.

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Anne DirkseHot Air Balloons over Bagan, MyanmarCC BY-SA 3.0

3). Local Cooking Classes

What an experience to bond over! Cooking together can be fun but taking them together in a land far far away is perfect! Start your day by shopping together in an organic market for ingredients and then cook away!

4). Pindaya Caves

Situated on a limestone ridge, this is the site of pilgrimage for many Buddhists. This can be the perfect place for you and your partner to get in touch with your spirituality together!

Pindaya caves 14.jpg
Go-MyanmarPindaya caves 14CC BY-SA 3.0

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At the stage of your wedding planning where you are looking for a honeymoon destination? Look no further than the Maldives! These are just some of the many things that newlyweds can enjoy here.

Stay at a Water Villa

Imagine being serenaded by the sounds of the waves and surrounded by breathtaking vistas at your very own Maldives water villa. Holidays or honeymoons are perfect at such abodes, perched above the ocean, offering you access to the sea below anytime you want to have a dip.

Escape to a Desert Island

A desert island experience offered by resorts such as Adaaran Prestige Water Villas offers the ultimate privacy at a place that’s completely uninhabited. Be transported on a traditional dhoni (boat) to an island where you and that special someone can enjoy champagne, a gourmet lunch and each other’s company amidst romantic seclusion.

Indulge in Spa Pampering

If you’ve had a stressful wedding, nothing beats a rejuvenating spa session for the both of you! Maldives spa resorts offer a variety of therapies for couples to enjoy including traditional Ayurvedic or Balinese treatments.

Experience Oceanside Dining

The Maldives offers some enchanting backdrops by the ocean for an intimate meal with that special someone. Be it on a deck outside or on the beach, such private dining with some fine wine certainly sets the mood for more romance on your honeymoon!

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The perfect wedding starts with the perfect venue, and Thailand’s Lanna Kingdom with its period architecture and traditional culture offers an amazing backdrop for any occasion.

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Image Credit: Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort

A bit of history

Located in Northern Thailand, Lanna was once a flourishing kingdom with its own unique culture and architecture. However, after centuries of war with neighbouring Burma, the kingdom fell into disarray and by the 1800s was annexed by the Siam king. Today, visitors can still see evidence of its rich culture in the city of Chiang Ma.

Lanna as a wedding destination

Lanna wedding guarantees an unforgettable event. The combination of Burmese temples, ornate teak structures, and Thai traditions sets the tone for a charming wedding. From luxury city hotels to scenic resorts such as Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort, you’ll have plenty of options in terms of stunning locations.

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Image Credit: Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort

Traditional Lanna ceremony

In a traditional ceremony, the venue is adorned with beautiful flowers, and the groom starts the ceremony by carrying trays filled with more flowers and bridal gifts. A monk will then offer blessings and prayers for a peaceful and prosperous wedded life and tie a binding string around the couple’s wrists. The ceremony ends when the couple plant a love tree.

Compliment your wedding with an amazing meal

A Lanna wedding isn’t complete without a sumptuous meal that includes signature sweet and savoury dishes from across Northern Thailand.

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Retaining a rare charm of another era, where traditional wooden houses stand alongside colonial mansions on ancient streets, Luang Prabang is considered to be a great wedding destination.


The Atmosphere

Home to dozens of stunning temples clad in gold, Luang Prabang embodies a traditional yet timeless atmosphere; a magical setting perfect to celebrate your very own fairy-tale Laos wedding with your friends and family around you.

The Setting

Luang Prabang is home to a wide range of exquisite colonial villas and hotels such as AVANI+ Luang Prabang, which offers couples great wedding packages that cater to different budgets. Making inquiries and booking well advance is recommended.

The Logistics

If you wish to be cost-effective with your planning, choosing to book your wedding venue and other plans for the off-peak season would help you save up to 20-35% off your given rates. To save more consider booking your flights around 3-6 prior. This applies especially for ASEAN regions, since booking in advance is approximately 53% cheaper than doing so closer to the date.

Plan Minimally

Destination weddings can be quite expensive, but it also can be quite affordable if one goes about planning it correctly and minimally. Thinking long and hard about what will be crucial for the ceremony and keeping the guest list small will save you a couple hundred of dollars. Since destination weddings are all about the views, location and novel experience consider skipping the extravagant party favours and decorations.

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Wondering where to tie the knot? Make the day extra special by throwing an exotic destination wedding on the tropical paradise that is Sri Lanka.

Image Credit: AVANI Bentota Resort & Spa

Why Sri Lanka?

This little pearl in the Indian Ocean is ideal for destination weddings. It’s got lovely beaches, warm weather, picture-perfect settings and a rich heritage, as well as a warm and friendly people who love welcoming foreigners. All this contributes to make it quite a convenient and exotic locale to tie the knot in.

Quirky Touches

If you’re going to have a destination wedding, you might as well incorporate unique elements of the local culture in it. Many a wedding hotel in Sri Lanka including the likes of AVANI Bentota Resort & Spa among others, offer packages that include exciting local touches be it an elephant or tuk-tuk rides!

Indoors or Outdoors?

The answer to this one should be obvious. If you’re going through the trouble of flying out to the island to have your perfect wedding, what’s the point of having it indoors? This tropical island offers a wide range of picturesque settings that are sure to make your special day unforgettable (many of which are by the welcoming waters of the Indian Ocean).

Some of the Best Spots

Beachside weddings are the most popular type of destination wedding held on the island. There are plenty of scenic locales to choose from for this event. Seaside towns like Bentota, Hikkaduwa, Galle and Mirissa are some of the popular options you can look at. If you’d rather have your wedding near the airport for the convenience of any guests who’ll be travelling just for this purpose, you can also consider coastal towns like Negombo.

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Pristine beaches, tropical oceans, ancient temples and landscapes with spectacular views this is all that awaits you in Thailand. Visit here with your loved one for an unforgettable honeymoon experience.


Thailand is blessed with strikingly beautiful landscapes and some of the worlds beautiful destinations offer honeymooners the perfect setting for romance and to enjoy each other’s company. Thailand is a diverse country that features a distinctive and delectable cuisine and a myriad of enthralling activities to engage in for travellers, mainly for honeymooners.

The islands

Surrounded by turquoise Blue Ocean and pristine white sand beaches Thailand is home to a number of exclusive islands that offer you the best honeymoon experience you can ever have. The islands provide you with a private and relaxing atmosphere to spend a romantic and lovely time together. Some of the popular islands you can visit during your honeymoon are Koh Samui, Phi Phi islands, Hua Hin and Phuket.

The big city

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand packed with people, bustling traffic and skyscrapers. You should at least spend a day here on your honeymoon to witness the rush and burst of diversity. The city is home to a number of temples and attractions such as the grand palace, the floating market, Lumbini Park, China town and more. These places are worth visiting with your loved one for the unique travel experience. You can also visit a Bangkok spa resort for a couple spa treatment session the at likes of Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort.

Image of resort

Things to remember

You are visiting the tropics so never forget to bring in things such as sunscreens, shades bug spray and other essentials. Planning is key for a happy Honeymoon and starts planning and preparing weeks in prior. Decide and book the places in advance before your arrival. Take only the necessary things with you don’t over pack. Remember that you are on a honeymoon, so keep aside all of your smart devices aside and rejoice in each other’s company.

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The Maldives is a place that is ideal to find perfect romance. The charming combination of the exquisite natural loveliness of the ocean and the breathtaking marvels of luxury that awaits at Maldives resorts is surely one that helps create the best of holiday experiences.


Sunset Cruises

Famed for its exquisite beaches, there is no better place than the Maldives to enjoy the sight of a beautiful sunset with your partner. A sunset cruise provides the perfect chance for couples to embark on an intimate adventure; aboard anything from a luxury yacht to a traditional style “dhoni”, they can take to the sea to enjoy the spectacular “show” which paints the sky in fiery colours of crimson.

Romantic Spa Treatments

Back on dry land, there is much to look forward to as well. The country is famous for spa treatments that can provide couples with a chance to indulge in some personal pampering. Most Maldives villas the likes of Baros Maldives have their own spas offering a range of revitalising treatments including a full range of massages and even traditional Ayurveda therapies for more holistic healing.

Visit the Adam and Eve Island

If it is seclusion you seek, then Adam and Eve Island is the place to be. This is a perfect spot for anyone who wishes to spend a day alone with their loved one. The island is lush in greenery and is completely private to allow couples enjoy each other’s company with no obstructions from the outside world.

Intimate Dining

Surprise your loved one with a special meal right on the shore; you can get the resort’s help to put together a special dinner, where you will have a personal chef prepare your favourite meals. Some resorts go that extra mile and will set up a tent or a small pavilion, while others may also include those additional romantic touches such as a petal-strewn pathway.

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A wedding is an event that is fussed over by any couple. Selecting a venue, theme and everything else according to their budget, fretting about what to wear and so on, the worries are included in the entire package! Here’s a bit of information that may help when it comes to choosing your venue if you are planning to have your wedding overseas.

Las Vegas| Img by: Moyan Brenn via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY 2.0



This European beauty is the ideal location for those with the theme of a ‘Fairy-tale Wedding’. This land has masses of lush greenery, a mountainous landscape along with seaside villages and glorious castles and country manors. The place is full of awesome spots to walk down the aisle. The best time for your wedding in Ireland would be from May to September when the weather is just fine. Also, keep in mind that accommodation prices usually rise from October to March.

The Bahamas

A collection of 700 paradise islands for you to choose from is a pretty wide choice of locations. Nassau and Paradise Island are two of the most popular destinations. However, Exumas and Harbour Island are more mellow and quiet. The best part is that you could either choose to rent a whole island for your wedding or even treat your guests at big resorts and spas. It is advisable that you avoid having your wedding here from June through November because of storms and rainy weather.

Las Vegas

Despite being nicknamed ‘Sin City’, LA offers a whole lot when it comes to tying the knot here. It is one of the most unique wedding venues with its drive-through chapels and Elvis impersonators. Also, there are hotels and resorts in plenty that offer wedding packages for any budget. Guests are sure to be entertained even if they don’t bet! It is best to opt for spring or September and October when the summer heat is beginning to ease off. The first week in December may sometimes have good prices and availability.

Kuala Lumpur

Another famous location for weddings is Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. The city setting is quite intriguing if you are looking for an urban-themed wedding. Wedding in opulence with many luxury hotels like Berjaya Hotels and Resorts that offer various wedding packages makes things easy. The best months to avoid monsoons would be May to July when the weather just nice.



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Beach weddings are all fun and pretty smiles when you look back at it, but a lot of work goes into making it perfect, and we have a few must dos when it comes to a beach wedding.


When one thinks of a beach wedding, the first idea that pops to mind is a dreamy Maldives island wedding at resorts the likes of Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas. The main rule to follow for the best wedding pictures is, lighting. Natural lighting is what you have to depend on at an outdoor wedding, therefore, time your wedding just right. Also, you can always have lights strung above the wedding if you don’t want to exchange your vows at noon.

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Image Credit: Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas

Make it fun

People love dressing up for weddings, and that means shoes. But, nobody wants to walk around with sandy footwear, so make it fun for the guests by giving a shoes optional invite.


This is a win at beach weddings unless the winds decide to blow harder during the shoot. Regardless, the pictures almost always end up looking amazing because of the panoramic scenery around.

Table Deco

Be it a canopied event or just plain outdoor beach weddings, the table decorations can amp the whole beach vibe if you choose right.

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Wedding | Img credit :ree_pilots via Pixabay (CC0 Creative Commons)


With numerous romantic locations, the Bali offers the ideal setting for an unforgettable wedding celebration, be it a traditional Balinese ceremony or an intimate western-style reception. You can even choose from the venues and locations offered by reputed resorts such as Holiday Inn Resort Baruna Bali.


Initial Stages
Once the budget, the destination, where to stay, how to get there and who is attending the wedding has been decided on, other details such as the best time for weddings in Bali, the type of reception and where to spend the honeymoon can receive attention.


Beach weddings
There are many beautiful beach destinations in Bali and of course, finding a great one is not a challenge at all. You have the option of choosing either a daytime wedding with the golden sun beaming upon you or a sunset wedding and a reception under the stars.


Garden weddings
Garden weddings are an excellent choice as Bali is blessed with a tropical climate that allows for lush vegetation. Tropical gardens make for a great opportunity for outdoor ceremonies and receptions. Of course, evening time is the best time to plan a garden wedding in Bali where you can make use of traditional lanterns, fairy lights, votive candles and of course, the moonlight to create a magical event that you nor your guests will forget.


Weddings atop a cliff
If it has always been a dream to get married across a cliff, then Bali is the right place. A wedding atop a cliff is guaranteed to be a dramatic and unforgettable affair, especially when teamed with the island’s signature warm climate and stunning beach backdrops.







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