Maldives Wedding Guide – Lasting Impressions

Romantics have found that the white sandy beaches, blue crystalline waters and balmy tropical weather of the Maldives make the ideal backdrop to the wedding ceremony of their dreams.

Before arriving in the Maldives

Before falling for the idea of having a Maldives island wedding, a great deal of research needs to be done on what it entails. There can be no legal ceremony here only a blessing. Therefore the civil ceremony will have to take place in the home country. How and where the honeymoon is to be spent should also be decided at the planning stage.

The Ceremony

Exchanging vows and rings under an arch of flowers on a romantic location around the resort island before family and friends is preferred way to conduct the ceremony. Although how the couple is to arrive at the ceremony can be decided on later, it is in a decorated buggy, in a traditional boat, escorted by drummers or walking down a petal-strewn path.

The Honeymoon

If the honeymoon is to be spent at the wedding location such as Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas it should be negotiated with the resort at the time of planning the event. Special courtesies extended to the couple include a bottle of champagne for the wedding night, in-room champagne breakfast the following morning and special room amenities.

Wedding Photographs

Photo shoots at locations around the resort island a wedding album and a CD of the wedding photos are part of the wedding package.

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