There’s something about cold weather that ignites romance and intimacy, two key ingredients for any couple’s escape! Here are some reasons why your next trip with that special someone should be to a destination with a cold climate.

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Cuddle Time
One of the best “perks” of the cold are the many opportunities to cuddle and get close to your partner! Be you staying at cabins in the Swiss Alps, lodges in Alaska or cottages in Nuwara Eliya including the likes of Cottage 42, embrace both the wonderful setting and your loved one for some all important snuggling.

Romantic Strolls
The cool weather makes taking strolls that much more romantic. Forget about the heat, dust and the sweat which are definitely not going to set the “right mood” and enjoy a leisurely walk, hand in hand amidst everything from mountain scenery to snow-covered landscapes.

Fun Exploring
The active couple may want to do more than just take some strolls! Most destinations with cool climates also have lots of adventures in store. Enjoy an afternoon of skiing, hike up mountains, trek through nature reserves or go ice skating; depending on the destination there will be much to experience.

Back Indoors
Of course, as the temperature drops, you can come back inside where there’s more to do. Play your favourite board or card games, have an indoor picnic (fireplace optional though highly recommended!), watch your favourite movies snuggled up together or just share your hopes, dreams and fears with the person who loves you unconditionally.



Lover’s Leap is as romantic as the classic tale of Romeo and Juliet. Located in Trincomalee, Lover’s Leap can be found in the vicinity of the Koneswaram Temple. Many Trincomalee hotel providers list out Lovers Leap as a famous tourist attraction, and some hotels such as Trinco Blu by Cinnamon, even add it as part of a tour of the city! If you’re staying in the vicinity, do make it a point to visit the Koneswaram Temple and Lovers Leap.

Legend has it that Francina van Reed fell in love with a young Dutch officer and was believed to have been engaged until the time his period in the Foreign Service came to an end. Following the termination of the engagement, the young officer was set to depart to his home country from the harbour. Upon watching her beloved’ ship depart, young Francina threw herself off the cliff and died a tragic death. To commemorate her untimely and devastating death, her father, an officer of high ranks constructed a stone pillar inscribing the date April 24th 1687.

It has been known that lovers who couldn’t be together due to family restrains or other issues, have flung themselves off the rock, in the hope of being reunited together in the afterlife. However, despite the tragic stories that have come to surround Lover’s Leap, the view from the summit will simply take your breath away – without having to fling yourself off the rock.

Lovers Leap can only be accessed through the Koneswaram Temple so do bear in mind that as footwear is not permitted inside the premises of the Temple; the ideal time to visit would be in the early hours of the morning or at dusk. Also remember to dress appropriately or entry to the temple premises will not be permitted.

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The world is at your fingertips thanks to today’s cheap flights. Delhi, India’s Capital Territory is home to Indira Gandhi International Airport. With over three and half million passengers passing through its doors it is the busiest airport in the country. It also handles domestic flights linking Delhi with the rest of the country. Foreign travellers who are interested in visiting the Taj Mahal, for example, may consider using the online booking site, findmyfare, to fly into Delhi and then onwards to Agra.

The name Taj Mahal means ‘Crown Palace’. It is the largest mausoleum in the world. It is also one of the Seven Wonders of the World, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most famous buildings of the present day. It stands in the Agra District in Uttar Pradesh, on the right bank of the Yamuna River in a sweeping Mughal garden of close to seventeen hectares.

The Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan commissioned the Taj Mahal as a symbol of his eternal love for his favourite wife, the Persian princess, Arjumand Banu Begum. Her title Mumtaz Mahal meant ‘Jewel of the Palace’. She died in 1631, due to complications experienced during the birth of her fourteenth child. Work on the immense project began in 1632. The giant structure of ivory-white marble contains a mosque, a guest house and the main gateway. The surrounding rectangular courtyard and its cloisters were added a few years later and construction came to an end in 1653. Ustad-Ahmad Lahori is credited with the design of the Taj Mahal. An army that consisted of masons, stone-cutters, inlayers, carvers, painters, calligraphers, dome builders and other craftsman was enlisted for the architectural feat. The workforce was made up of twenty two thousand labourers hailing from India, Central Asia and Iran, as well as one thousand elephants.

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With the glorious and diverse landscapes the resplendent isle of Sri Lanka has had the fortune of being blessed with; it is truly a strange phenomenon that many couples prefer ballrooms in wedding hotels in Sri Lanka as opposed to an outdoor soiree. When in Sri Lanka, the options are limitless and with the vast array of backdrops that can be utilised to create stunning photographs as they capture one of the biggest commitments of one’s life, getting married can be a delightful experience devoid of hassle and stress provided you make some smart decisions.

A beach wedding, for instance, is an excellent choice given the panoramic beauty of the coastal belt of the island. However, there are several considerations that should be taken into account. First is selecting the perfect location. While beach weddings can be accommodated in Colombo, the best thing might be to move outside the capital for pristine, well kept beaches. Therefore, taking the transport of guests into consideration, opting for a hotel such as  in Galle will be a smart choice as it is a mere hour away via the Expressway by car.

A beachside wedding should also take into account the temperature, the weather as well as the tides and therefore, it is best to opt for a morning wedding before the sun becomes unbearably hot when the tide is out so that the waves do not make its way inland too much. One can play with the menu as well and opt for a seafood dominated theme that would complement the background and vibe well while attire should definitely be altered to suit a seaside soiree. A heavy saree or wedding dress will make the ceremony and ensuring celebration rather uncomfortable and far too warm. Therefore, a beach wedding is best for couples who merely wish to celebrate their union with close friends and family and who do not mind small imperfections and can adapt with ease.

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While many often dream only of staying at the best resort in Maldives, enjoying the warm golden rays of the tropical sun and relaxing back the azure waters of the beautiful ocean, the Republic of Maldives is peppered with attractions and places to see. Granted, the resorts are of a high quality and hotels such as Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi are exquisite because of the immediate access its water chalets provide to the sea and there is nothing much that can stop you from waking up early, climbing down a wooden staircase and taking a dip in the Indian Ocean. While the panoramic natural beauty of the islands is undeniable, the people and the culture of Maldives are also of some interest.

The Capital city of Maldives, Male, is home to a number of such sites such as the National Museum where guests can obtain an insight into the history and culture of this beautiful cluster of islands. Male is also home to the Hukuru Miskiiy, also known as the Old Friday Mosque, and the Mulee Aage Palace (the Office of the President) is worth a visit as well.

Subsequent to visiting the National Museum of Maldives, a wonderful way to ponder upon the information one has just learnt is to take a stroll around Sultan’s Park. The Museum is located within the Park and, as the name itself suggests, the Park was once part of the grounds of the Sultan’s Palace. It is best not to visit the Park on Fridays, especially if you wish to take a leisurely stroll around its grounds, as it is only open for a few hours in the evening. The Park is generally open from 8am-6pm from Sunday to Thursday. Many sing high praise about the Park because of the colourful flowers and well maintained lawns which contribute to a sense of serenity that complements the general mood of Maldives and makes it a wonderful place to visit.

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Sri Lanka has been known for centuries for its stunning landscapes rich in gems, its coconut-fringed coastline, and ancient cities, white sandy beaches, rich heritage and crystal clear waters. Whether it’s the ruins in the Cultural Triangle or enjoying high teas on the lawn of a stunning planter’s bungalow in the Tea Country or relaxing in the sun on a remote and un-spoilt beach, Sri Lanka is the ideal honeymoon destination. Couples can enjoy the ultimate romantic sunsets and candle-lit dinners in this beautiful and magical island. The Secret Hotels is one of the best Luxury Hotels in Sri Lanka for, especially for those who want to enjoy a memorable and a magical Honeymoon in Sri Lanka.Sri Lanka is renowned for their incredible hospitality and many hotels in Sri Lanka offers impeccable service to their guests. The Secret Ella is situated on a beautiful 10 acre tea estate. The Secret Ella is getaway nestled in the mountains that overlooks the famed Nine Arch Bridge and blends tradition with luxury comforts that evoke an old world charm.

Nuwaraeliya is an ideal location to retreat to for those in search of cooler climates. Guests can wake up to a typical English breakfast of bacon and eggs, high tea on the lawn and a stiff brandy at night. Guests can also enjoy a round of golf, fishing on the lake or hiking through Horton Plains.Nuwaraeliyais an ideal romantic getaway, as there is beautiful scenery all around Nuwaraeliya. It is secluded and is the ideal place for couples to enjoy their privacy. Nuwaraeliya is a cool and calm location, and is therefore the best place to relax and unwind in Sri Lanka. There are beautiful sceneries of tea plantations, hills and waterfalls. Many couples can enjoy a relaxing time and create beautiful memories.

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Legian is a beautiful beachfront town in SouthBali, located north of Kuta and South of Seminyaki. Legian has a very high profile with visitors due to the lovely beach frontage. The most popular stretch of Legian Beach is at the bottom of Jalaa Padma and is sometimes called the Padma Beach. Stretching north from Kuta, Legian offers easy access to a variety of bars, restaurants and cafes. The northern area of Legian, boarderingSeminyak offers a bit of an escape from the crowds and is also a popular surf beach. It is said that tourism in Indonesia began at Bali, and Kuta and Legian. OSSOTEL is a popular luxury Legain HotelBali.This luxury and modern hotel is situated right in the center of the iconic Padma Legianneighborhood, it is located just minutes away from the island’s best bars, restaurants and vibrant club scene. Guests can enjoy the 88 meter pool at the hotel, the rooms, and the suites at the hotel are elegant, modern and offers the most modern comforts.

Most of Legian can be covered on foot, taxis are plentiful as there are motorbikes rental outlets. Legian beach is one of the best in Bali, to view the sunset. There are many things to do and see in Legian, such as the Kuta Night Market which is an enclave of stalls and plastic chairs that bustles with locals and tourism workers. The Waterbom Park covers 3.5 hectares of landscaped tropical gardens, and it has assorted water slides, a swimming pool and a supervised pool. The Double Six Club is a legendary club and continues reinventing itself. The Swimming Pool is still available for use. KutaCarnival is also a big beach party on the big beach in Kuta, consisting of games, art, competitions, surfing and much more. It usually also includes a food festival.Legian Beach is the most popular, as it is relatively peaceful and quiet. When the tide runs out, the beach seems to stretch forever and guests can take a leisurely stroll along the beach. There are also nightly games of football that happens on the Blue Ocean Beach.

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Say ‘I Do’ on a magical island of pure romance by celebrating your wedding in the Maldives. Shimmering oceans and sun bleached beaches are your background as you enjoy the most important day of your life. Many of Maldives luxury resorts offer the full wedding package, however if you wish to fall in love all over again in a setting equal to paradise do consider the outlandishly gorgeous Huvafen Fushi Maldives.

This hotel has pulled out all stops in terms of luxury and natural beauty. Plan your wedding here and enjoy a magical setting amidst the gorgeous setting sun and turquoise blue oceans. This luxurious resort stretches across the sun-kissed sands of the Maldives, indulge at the Lime Spa and taste the exotic cuisine. Look forward to ultimate comfort and luxury in any one of the hotels accommodation. Opt to stay in a beautiful beachfront or lagoon front bungalow, amazing over the water villas and a private Slumber-Dhoni where the waves will rock you to sleep. The choices are wide at this resort placing emphasis on glamour and romance. The elegant interiors are spacious and luxurious as are the stunning restaurants and beach-front canopies for enjoying loads of golden sunshine amidst the tropical settings.

Maldives is a firm favourite amongst many couples looking for the ideal spot to ‘tie the knot’. Nothing beats the swaying palms and sandy beaches of this archipelago, promising an unforgettable honeymoon. Enjoy night-fishing, private barbeques on deserted islands and snorkelling over the colourful coral reefs of this island paradise or simply relax and enjoy each-others company, relish the fresh seafood, work on your tan and do-nothing all day.

Plan your wedding here for unbelievable memories and pictures of your big day, it’s the closest venue to paradise and promises you an unforgettable experience of romance and beauty.

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weddings in kalutara

In the minds of every couple is the desire for the eventual dream wedding, one that is filled with excitement as well as bliss, untainted by any shortcomings. The dream weddings are hardly made into reality with the difficulty in finding the perfect setting, the venue that oozes peace and harmony in quite a resonance with the joy emanating from the loved ones celebrating their special day.

For those who wish for an elegant affair, with fewer guests but more closure, a wedding that can be defined as charming and quant highlighting the celebration of two individuals taking a vow to be bonded forever, AVANI, Kalutara is the perfect wedding venue, acclaimed as the finest luxury Kalutara hotel, Sri Lanka, quintessential for weddings due to its intimate ambiance.


Whether it is a traditional Sri Lankan wedding, with the Kandyan dances, Asian wedding rituals and traditional drummers welcoming the future wedded couple or a western wedding, the AVANI, Kalutara Resort & Spa is able to accommodate even smallest desires of the bride and groom.

For outdoor weddings in the beautiful Sri Lankan weather, there exist the options of having either a river deck wedding, with fairy lights, cheerful music in the background and the sound of laughter rippling across the deck, or a classic wedding on the beach, with the honey toned beach complementing the festive feel of the event and the melodic lapping of the waves providing the perfect background music.

If one prefers an indoor wedding, the banquet hall can be the ideal location for the function. Whether it be a traditional wedding or a western one, indoor or outdoor, this resort is praised by many for catering to the exact desires of the special couple, for having beautiful arrangements, offering mouthwatering international and traditional cuisine, exemplary entertainment, and striving to make that dream wedding into a reality.

In Addition, the resort is renowned for having best restaurants in Kalutara catering wide range of delectable cuisines. Be it international or local cuisine.

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The city of Bali is one of those destinations that echo’s the ambience of love. Painted with nature’s finest attractions, Bali for decades has been a favorite location for sealing the feeling of Love. As the gentle breeze magically flows into your dream wedding setting and the waves roar at a distance, the matrimonial vow that you will exchange with the love of your life would feel genuinely blessed from the heaven above. So run away from the busy city that encapsulates your life and bring your lover to Bali; for there is no better place to unite in matrimony and spend the first few days as man and wife.

The whole of Bali is blessed with a scenic tranquility that makes it look almost magical. A resort in Bali that perfectly blends all the elements of Balinese beauty is the Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort & Spa. To top it all, this exquisite 5 star hotel is by far the finest choice of venue if you are looking to tie the knot in this sacred city of Bali. Inspired by love; weddings at this resort captures beauty beyond romance. The scenic backdrop, the unparalleled services and the exquisite large most romantic honeymoon suites make this location a dream come true for any couple who wishes to be wed here.

There are several wedding packages readily available for couples in Bali. Ceremonies include handling all the legal details that are demanded of a wedding. Merging a bit of the deep rooted culture and the scenery of pure bliss, there is a unique sacredness to the vows undertaken in Bali. Most hotels offer you an array of choices when it comes to choosing the perfect venue. So take your time and look around because Bali is a city that offers love nothing but perfection.

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