An event such as your wedding is to be taken seriously. Most people choose a different country or city. As it so happens, Chiang Mai has started to pop up in almost every article and magazine as an ideal location.

What different types of venues do you get in Chiang Mai?

There are places that are kin to Anantara Chiang Mai Resort as well as bar-wedding venues. Options are endless and to round up the number, there are a plethora of venues for you to choose from.

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Decide on the type of venue

When it comes to a Chiang Mai wedding, there’s a long list of places as you might know. More options that are there, the harder it is for you to make a decision. So first, decide on what type of venue you want for your occasion.

Why Chiang Mai?

Out of all the places you can go for, why should you choose Chiang Mai? Well, the answer to that question is a simple one: sightseeing. After the wedding, you could spend your honeymoon enjoying the surroundings.

Other event venues

Addition to wedding venues, there are other sites where you can hold corporate events, anniversaries, birthdays and so on.

Image Credit: Anantara Chiang Mai Resort

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The Maldives will be an excellent choice for your romantic wedding. When planning a Maldives wedding there are some important considerations that will make it a magical experience.

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Choosing a resort

It is important to select a resort in Maldives that offers good opportunities and facilities for your special day. Some resorts will go that extra mile to ensure that you have a magical wedding experience that you will always remember. When seeking the best resorts in Maldives for your special day, consider those that offer unique wedding packages such as Naladhu Private Island Maldives.

Decide on the type of wedding

Many couples opt for a beach wedding in the Maldives amidst the soft sandy beaches, gleaming waters and refreshing sea breezes. An evening wedding will provide you with the opportunity to have your nuptials with the setting sun as a backdrop.

Incorporate the local culture

In the Maldives, you will have the chance to add elements of the local culture to your wedding ceremony. You will be able to have local boduberu music at your wedding, wear traditional native attire and even conduct the ceremony in the native language, Dhivehi.

Plan a special honeymoon

Naturally, after your wedding in the Maldives, you will probably stay on in the islands for your honeymoon. You can choose to plan what you will be doing on your exotic honeymoon, selecting experiences and excursions that both you and your partner will enjoy.

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Image Credit: Naladhu Private Island Maldives


Fritzjames Stephen is a travel writer, who writes content based on the myriad of experiences and indulgences that the world has to offer travellers across all walks of life. Google+

Is the stress of planning your wedding getting you down? Well, the good news is, if you plan a honeymoon in the Maldives you can look forward to plenty of stress-free, magical moments with your one true love!

Pamper yourself

One of the best ways to unwind while on your honeymoon is to book spa treatments for couples. Most Maldives luxury resorts have their own spas offering a range of holistic healing options to give tired minds and bodies some much needed personal care.

Image Credit: Naladhu Private Island Maldives

Sail into the sunset

A popular activity for couples, a sunset cruise on a traditional dhoni (boat) is not to be missed. Offered at resorts such as Naladhu Private Island Maldives, such intimate voyages most often also feature champagne and canapés that let you toast to your new future.

Image Credit: Naladhu Private Island Maldives

Dine to seaside serenades

Most resorts offer special romantic dining options; inform them ahead and you could plan a wonderful surprise. A gourmet dinner on the beach, beside the gentle rhythms of the ocean and under a night sky bejewelled with stars, will certainly sweep your partner off their feet!

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Image Credit: Naladhu Private Island Maldives

Add a little adventure

After all that relaxing, you may want to add some adventure to your honeymoon. Snorkelling is a great couples’ activity in Maldives, while a plethora of water sports from waterskiing to surfing also offer some fun in the sun and surf.

Hand in hand by the shore

Of course, the Maldives also offers plenty of intimate moments to share; spend lazy days at your overwater villa or just walk hand in hand taking in a magical sunset, as whispers of love eternal are carried away on the ocean breeze.

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When spending your special time together, visiting beautiful destinations that awe your hearts will certainly feed you both with even more romance! One destination that is currently popular for honeymooning is the island of Seychelles.

Islands to visit

Let’s start with popular islands to visit during your honeymoon. Praslin Island is famous for Vallee de Mai which is home to the coco de mer palms. Holding the highest mountain ranges in Seychelles, Mahe Island is full of amazing scenery and not to mention it is the location of the world’s smallest capital, Victoria! For water sports fans, there is an island just for you, check out Fregate Island for scuba diving, snorkelling, and yachting.

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Romantic things to do in Seychelles

Get out in the marvellous outdoor of Seychelles and enjoy a lounge on the white sand under the tropical sun, the beauty of the beaches in the island can truly be seen with the evening sunset. Furthermore, indulge in a rejuvenating tropical couple massage, furthermore, what could be more romantic than a lover’s walk in the Garden of Eden in Praslin Island?

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Image Credit: AVANI Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa

Romantic locations

If it’s a romantic picnic that you fancy, pack up your food and drink and set foot in the direction of Mission Lodge Lookout. The place holds the scenic beauty of Mahe Island. The Clock Tower that is over 110 years old is a famous spot for tourists, especially it is a trend to take selfies with the tower if you happen to visit. The Plantation House National Monument is a place to relax with your partner with tasty treats and some lovely music.

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Places to shop

Pamper your lady with little knickknacks from Victoria Market, the small shops really bring out the lifestyle of the local folk. If you are looking for memorabilia to take back home, hop into SEPNA Esplanade Craft kiosks. These small shops have plenty to offer from colourful beachwear to dried fruits and much more. If you are checked into a Seychelles beach resort, for instance, let’s take AVANI Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa, step out of your room and explore the paradise that is Seychelles together!

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patano, Il mercato di Port Victoria – panoramioCC BY-SA 3.0

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Encircled by the emerald waters of the Indian Ocean, it has a varied landscape that is the perfect complement to its rich cultural and historical heritage. Those planning to hold their wedding celebration on the island have a number of factors to consider.

Indoor setting

If you prefer to tie the knot amidst an elegant setting with a private banquet, you can choose an indoor wedding venue of one of the island’s hotels. Such setting will ensure optimum privacy for your event and all facilities will be available under one roof.

AVANI Kalutara Resort
Image Credit: AVANI Kalutara Resort

Outdoor setting

This country is renowned for its enchanting beaches; hence it would be ideal for you to have a beach wedding in Sri Lanka. Choose a reputed resort such as AVANI Kalutara Resort to say “I do” against the backdrop of a breathtaking sunset. There are even more outdoor settings to choose from in the island, from mystic mountainous terrain to lush green forestcapes.


When planning your wedding celebration, catering options are also a factor to consider thoroughly before selecting a location. Most local hotels offer excellent catering services and hence even if you choose to hold your wedding in an outdoor setting, a beach hotel will make for the best choice.


For couples planning a honeymoon at a venue located in close proximity to the location of their wedding, a beachside destination is ideal. These resorts offer exclusive honeymoon packages featuring various benefits.

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Standing together hand in hand, feeling the soft sand between your toes and taking in the breathtaking sunset that colours the horizon in fiery hues; this is the magical setting that awaits those having beach weddings in Sri Lanka.

A wedding in Sri Lanka is arranged according to your needs

If you are looking for the perfect venue for your beach wedding in Sri Lanka, there’s a myriad of resorts located by the shore, the likes of AVANI Kalutara Resort. These offer guests a choice between planning a simple low key wedding by the sea or a lavish and traditional Sri Lankan style wedding.

Image Credit: AVANI Kalutara Resort

Sri Lanka wedding planners are very experienced

Other than for being a happy couple in love you may not have a clue about planning a beach wedding. This is the benefit of choosing Sri Lanka as your wedding destination. Many resorts offer the services of very experienced wedding planners who on meeting and getting to know the couple expertly understand and offer a ceremony package that is perfect for their tastes and expectations.

There are no ‘off seasons’

As a tropical destination, the country does not have any particular offseasons; the only anomaly is during the two monsoon seasons which are experienced at different points of the island.

The best honeymoon memories

Choosing the country for your wedding means you need not visit any other location for a dream honeymoon. The stunning scenery around the beaches and rustic fisher villages are quite romantic while cycle tours into the countryside and excursions to ancient coastal temples promise to add more than a touch of magic to your wedding.

Image Credit:  AVANI Kalutara Resort

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In the minds of every couple is the desire for the eventual dream wedding, one that is filled with excitement as well as bliss, untainted by any shortcomings. Here are some must-have cocktails when you are getting hitched!

Classic Margarita

The variety of choices for a refreshing beach cocktail is countless but the Classic Margarita remains an all-time favourite. It is a rather simple combination of tequila, orange, and lime but you can also add a little twist to the taste by trying out different fruit juices and different liqueurs.

File:Classic margarita with Cointreau, good tequila and fresh lime juice.jpg
RkolarskyClassic margarita with Cointreau, good tequila and fresh lime juiceCC BY-SA 3.0

Caribbean Rum Punch

If there’s a cocktail known anywhere from the Caribbean to Hawaii, it is the Caribbean Rum Punch. You can add these cocktails to the menu when you are planning your beach wedding in Sri Lanka. Any bartender at popular resorts such as AVANI Kalutara Resort will know how to make these fascinating cocktails.

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Bay Breeze

For anyone who loves a taste of pineapple and cranberry with vodka, the best choice of a cocktail is the Bay Breeze. Not surprisingly, there are some variations of this drink such as the Sea Breeze where grape juice is added instead of pineapple juice. You can try to change the taste with different flavoured vodkas.

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Pina Colada

Pina Colada is one of the best tropical cocktails, bringing together the flavour of pineapple and coconut with a hunch of white rum or dark rum. The best mix of ingredients is 2 oz. of white rum, 3 oz. of pineapple juice, 1 ½ oz. of cream of coconut or coconut milk, and 1 cup of ice. An optional ¼ oz. of fresh lime juice can be added to enhance the flavour.

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There’s no doubt that the Maldives is considered one of the romantic travel destinations in the world. From private islands to glow-in-the-dark beaches, this nation is designed for romance.

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Island Exploration

Many of the islands that form the Maldives are uninhabited, so you and your special someone can embark on an iconic island-hopping adventure, becoming the sole-occupants of island after island.

Dive Beneath the Surface

Some of the best attractions the Maldives has to offer are found underneath her waters’ surface. From magnificent Manta Rays to colossal Whale Sharks to kaleidoscopic coral reefs, there’s so much to witness.

Experience a Couple’s Massage

This is definitely one of the most romantic experiences offered by more or less any luxury hotel in Maldives, with examples such as Velassaru Maldives. There’s nothing quite like you and your partner being gently escorted to a realm of bliss and tranquillity by a resort’s wellness experts.

Romantic Dinner Underwater

There are a number of underwater restaurants and/or night-clubs located throughout the Maldives, and these present one of the most unique opportunities to enjoy a romantic dinner with your partner, made even more special by the presence of countless marine animals floating above and around you. This is definitely an experience both of you won’t forget.

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Take time to consider preferences for the first few days of married bliss as you will want to remember the occasion for the rest of your life.


Planning the Honeymoon

Discuss the budget, duration of the honeymoon, where to go and what to do with the partner when the wedding is being planned. Go online and read up on best honeymoon destinations and if going overseas get the assistance of travel agents the likes of Aitken Spence Holidays to help plan the trip.

Best time to visit

Consider the best time to visit when selecting the dream destination. Avoid local holidays as many hotels and attractions will be crowded. If the price is a concern, travel during the least expensive times such as in the middle of the year.

Things to do

Honeymoons can be fun as there are many things to do from scuba diving, snorkelling, to golf, excursions to places of interest, indulgent spa treatments to river safaris and jungle walks, elephant treks, whale and dolphin watching and wildlife safaris.


One of the most romantic experiences honeymooners can have out here is dining under the stars. Many hotels offer special three-course meals on the beach with succulent seafood as part of the honeymoon package. The other option is a romantic early morning river cruise with a champagne breakfast.

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White sandy beaches, picturesque karsts and with a glorious sunset, you will not find a more romantic setting other than in Thailand for your fairytale wedding ceremony. Although planning a destination wedding may have slight complications which could be avoided with great care.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Inform guests in advance

A destination wedding requires quite a commitment on the part of the guests, from travel costs to getting off work. It is only fair on your part to inform them well in advance by sending invitations at least 24 months prior to the event.

Pick the right season

The best Bangkok resorts provide special offers during the raining season in Thailand. Travel prices are also greatly reduced during this time although if you want a glorious tropical wedding under the crispy sunlight, the summer is the best time for you.

Pre wedding trip

An array of beach side resorts and riverside properties such as Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort offer wedding packages. It is always advisable to visit the place before the ceremony as it is easier to communicate your wishes and concerns in order to avoid disappointments.

Take care of the legal stuff

Make sure to contact your embassy and the Tourist Information Bureau regarding documentation and other specifications with regards to legalization of your marriage. Conduct a thorough research on the requirements as some countries require the couple to live in the country for a few days.

Fritzjames Stephen is a travel writer, who writes content based on the myriad of experiences and indulgences that the world has to offer travellers across all walks of life.