How to plan a wedding in Bali – Making your wedding dreams a reality

One of the major milestones in life is of course marriage! Your special day must be celebrated in a special place of beauty that mirrors your wondrous union. Bali is a venue that tops the list. Here are a few things to consider for those hoping to wed in Bali.

The best time for your Bali wedding

Most of the weddings in Bali are taken outdoors, therefore, the weather is very important. In the months of April and October, the weather is just perfect for an outdoor wedding. Also, remember that hotel rates and airfares tend to rise in June and August and venues become difficult to book. The earlier you book your venue, the better!

Selecting your venue

Bali is full of places that are famous for weddings! Be it a beach resort like Holiday Inn Resort Baruna Bali or a chapel or even private villas. Bali has it all! The choice of venues may sometimes be mind-boggling. However, knowing exactly what you are looking for and sticking to that theme will help you select the perfect wedding venue.

Consulting a wedding planner

Planning out a wedding is no easy task! It is sure to take up most of your time and energy and resulting in an utter waste of money too. Meeting up with a professional wedding planner who has the necessary contacts and resources to get things done, this can save you a whole lot of trouble.

Fixing a budget

Financing the whole wedding is the biggest struggle for couples these days. There are tons of cost to consider, some of them being travel costs, venue, number of guests and so on. You can either pay for these services directly or invest in an all-inclusive wedding package.

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