Choosing the Ideal Wedding Location Abroad – Planning Your Special Day

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While it may be one thing to say you will be hosting your wedding abroad, it is quite another thing when it comes to actually planning it! Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a wedding location on foreign shores.

Find the Perfect Setting

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When deciding on your location first sit down with your partner and decide what kind of backdrops or weddings venues you most prefer; it can be on a secluded beach, in an enchanting forest or even indoors in a grand ballroom. Choose your destination accordingly.

Choose the Type of Ceremony

Apart from the location, you should also decide what style or type of ceremony you want to have. While you can host a typical western style celebration, many countries also give couples the option of celebrating their wedding in keeping with local customs and ceremonies.

Look for Special Packages

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Hosting weddings abroad can be quite an added cost though to help couples many hotel chains such as Berjaya Hotels & Resorts offer specialised packages; these include great deals and benefits from the planning and hosting stages to the honeymoon.

Keep the Honeymoon in Mind

Ensure the place you are going to celebrate your wedding is also a destination where you can enjoy a perfect honeymoon, be it seclusion, adventure or a bit of both!


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