All you need to know about a Bali Wedding – Making your dreams come true


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With numerous romantic locations, the Bali offers the ideal setting for an unforgettable wedding celebration, be it a traditional Balinese ceremony or an intimate western-style reception. You can even choose from the venues and locations offered by reputed resorts such as Holiday Inn Resort Baruna Bali.


Initial Stages
Once the budget, the destination, where to stay, how to get there and who is attending the wedding has been decided on, other details such as the best time for weddings in Bali, the type of reception and where to spend the honeymoon can receive attention.


Beach weddings
There are many beautiful beach destinations in Bali and of course, finding a great one is not a challenge at all. You have the option of choosing either a daytime wedding with the golden sun beaming upon you or a sunset wedding and a reception under the stars.


Garden weddings
Garden weddings are an excellent choice as Bali is blessed with a tropical climate that allows for lush vegetation. Tropical gardens make for a great opportunity for outdoor ceremonies and receptions. Of course, evening time is the best time to plan a garden wedding in Bali where you can make use of traditional lanterns, fairy lights, votive candles and of course, the moonlight to create a magical event that you nor your guests will forget.


Weddings atop a cliff
If it has always been a dream to get married across a cliff, then Bali is the right place. A wedding atop a cliff is guaranteed to be a dramatic and unforgettable affair, especially when teamed with the island’s signature warm climate and stunning beach backdrops.







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